Advanced Presentation and Communications Tools to Help You Stand Out and Stay Ahead.

Integrated Print and Video

Tablet Services

Customized presentation devices for patient education, screening, and bid defense. Provide audio-visual content in a completely customizable package to subjects and improve communication and understanding at all phases of trial participation. Differentiate your presentation and increase impact during bid defense.

  • Multiple packaging options
  • Fully customizable wrap graphics
  • Full HD video content loaded before distribution
  • Supports multiple chapters and content types
  • Supplemental or replacement content can be loaded in the field
  • Deployed and supported within our materials management ecosystem


We offer centralized configuration, distribution, and management of tablets to facilitate using these powerful devices in your trial. A convenient service to compliment the use of powerful Apps and web-based tools. Provide controlled access to patient education content, screening tools, informed consent platforms, and data gathering systems.

  • Custom configuration of iPads restricts functionality to specific
    Apps and websites
  • Locks screen layout and background graphics according to your
    trial’s specifications
  • Available branded cases to compliment trial presentation
  • Warehousing, configuration, and distribution in one simple service
  • Device retrieval and erase after trial ends (devices returned to you
    or sponsor or repurposed for subsequent trials)


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